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As technology partner of our clients, we help them achieve their business process automation goals and bring their ideas to reality.

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Web Applications

Whether you are a startup or an established business, we can help you build your next web-based solution and achieve business automation to enhance overall productivity.

Business Intelligence

Our data analysis and visualization experts help you extract knowledge from data and uncover the insights for you to take better business decisions.

Mobile Applications

Develop powerful mobile apps that solve business problems and reinforce your brand. We build cross-platform mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android platforms.

Value-Added Services

We also provide Web Hosting, Managed Virtual Servers, SMS Branding and Virtual Assistant services in collaboratiowith our technology partners.

Website & eCommerce

Build your identity on Web and attract customers from around the globe. We can build a WordPress website, a product landing page or an online shop for you.

Training & Consulting

Apart from formal training, we provide mentorship and consulting services in solution architecture and agile product and project management.


TimeTrack: Manage Remote Teams

TimeTrack helps managers monitor their remote teams that may be working from home. It starts with minimal time-logging, performs data processing, highlights time-log errors against rules with approved exceptions, and generates payroll-ready data.

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